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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Going For 34

Last January 6 is our 34 months of being together with my dear boyfriend Justin. Even the both of us are surprise just how long we are already considering that it is much like yesterday that we started. Well as they say, time flies when you are having fun. And indeed having him around is more fun right now!

Since it has been a tradition to dine out every 6th of the month, this time we opted for a place where we haven't celebrated our monthsary before. Apart from that, I also have an MBA report about this restaurant hence dining in here would be hitting two birds with one stone. This place is Candy's situated in Rosario Arcade Limketkai Mall.

Candy's is known for their great desserts and sumptuous meal such as their pizzas. People gather here to drink as well. What is also nice with the said place is their great ambiance this restaurant provides. Plus it is also cozy perfect for hanging out.

Everything is just lovely and comfy. You could surely spend hours in here most especially if you are with your special someone, family and friends. Before we move on to the food part, a little picture taking.

Credit card problem dear? 

Yehey for a couple shot!

The most awaited part, the yummy food that we ordered.

The boyfriend ordered their Coke Float

Chicken Teriyaki for his meal

Hickory Beef for me

Black and White Mousse cake

I swear the meals we ordered are absolutely delish. Although the prices are a bit pricey as compared with the other restaurants, I swear it is worth every penny. You would not hesitate to spend simply because good food is guaranteed.

The night went well for the two of us. We strolled in the mall after to look for guinea pig cages since Justin will be getting one real soon. We are excited since we had a pair before but sadly they died.

To my dear boyfriend, thank you so much for the 34 months. More importantly thank you for being more than a boyfriend to me. You have been my friend, my family and my walking encyclopedia too. Hoping for more months and years with you xoxo :*


Analyn Alonsagay said...

sweet. Happy 34 ;)stay inlove!

RheA said...

thank you so much Analyn! hope you can share your love story with us too.

riza said...

ahhh.. so sweet... there is no more sweeter than a blog for a BF.

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