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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Giveaway 13: Dress Diaries Shop With Etallasa

It has been our earnest desire to have glamorous and great outfits that we could flaunt and wear. Considering the demands of being a female, our ensemble could definitely add class and oommphh to our personality. And what great way to have new dresses for 2012 than by getting pieces from no less than Dress Diaries Shop. Even more, getting such items for FREE.

Dress Diaries is known for their girly outfits that spans from dresses to tops, from skirts to shorts and even shoes and bags. Such name is known in providing sold out items at relatively low prices. Should you want to know more about it, jump to the store feature here. Before anything else,  Dress Diaries Shop released their 129th collection in which you can get items as low as 550. Plus they have their ongoing free shipping promo should you order three items or more.

And today, thanks to the pretty owner Marylou Briones, her great shop gives away two fab dresses to a lucky reader of mine. I bet you are excited, hence I need not delay more. Here are the items you can duly win!

Two pretty dresses!

When worn

I am sure you would not want to miss out the chance of winning these right? And I want you to have more entries so more chances of winning for you. Here are the mechanics:

Required = 3 entries

1. Like Dress Diaries Shop on Facebook. (1 point)
2. Follow Marylou Briones on Twitter. (1 point)
3. Like Etallasa on Facebook. (1 point)

Optional (More Entries!) = 17 entries

4. Share this giveaway in your Facebook Wall tagging @ Dress Diaries Shop and @Etallasa. Make sure to make this public so we can view and verify it. (3 points)
5. Add me via Google Friend Connect (Found at the right side of this blog). (1 point)
6. Follow me on Twitter. (1 point)
7. Share this giveaway in Twitter tagging @jurinsthea and making the post public. (3 points)
8. Add me on Lookbook, click Fan. (1 point)
9. Blog about this giveaway. (4 points)
10. Like this photo. (4 points)

Total number of entries is 20.

When done, fill up this entry ONCE:


  • This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only.
  • This giveaway will be only until January 24, 2012 at 11:00pm.
  • Winner will be chosen via
  • The winner will be announced on January 25, 2012 and will be notified via Email, FB message and Twitter post.
Getting these dresses for free is beyond heaven. Hence, send in your entries today along with other giveaways of mine. You can easily jump from one giveaway to the next by simply clicking the giveaway photos found at the right. Good luck and once again Happy New Year!


Joanne said...

thank you so much for the giveaway! :)

RheA said...

you are so welcome and thank you for joining tons :)

theresa said...

thanks for the opportunity! joined your giveaway.. thanks.. :) hoping to win one.. :D

Shishi said...

Crossing my fingers. Hope I can win again :)))

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