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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sapatos Favourite

I always love promoting online stores in my city. I know that they have the potential to compete with other online businesses in the country plus they also contain great items at reasonable prices. With that said, allow me to share two of my favorite online stores managed by a good friend of mine Julie. This is Sapatos and Favourite.

Julie first established  Sapatos (shoes in English) just last year. With the aim of carrying the Kara brand of shoes in Cagayan de Oro, she opted to have this available for pre-order. Considering the great designs of this shoe brand plus its price and not to mention the number of turnover days for the items, there is no doubt that many would tend to embrace her business. And for the mere fact alone that women love shoes, then there is no denying that Sapatos is indeed promising.

However, Julie did not stop in retailing shoes for her growing number of customers. She opted to embrace more items hence she landed on getting corsets, corset dresses, bags and more. With such, she opted to create another online store and this is now called  Favourite. Hence if you are residing in Cagayan de Oro or any other areas in the country, you would certainly love the items under these names. Let me show you such in pictures.

From Sapatos

From Favourite

There are still many great items you can find from this great shop. As such, you would be getting the quality ones at affordable and truly reasonable prices. With that said, need I say more? Better resort to  Sapatos and  Favourite and like their Facebook pages to view their entire collection and to place your order right away.


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