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Monday, January 30, 2012


January is about to close this year yet I am still forever grateful. And who would not? With so many surprises coming my way, indeed the year is just getting better and better. Just wanted to share a few of the gifts I had from the past week along with the generous people/individuals/companies behind it. I am forever grateful.

3,000 worth of AVA Credits which I got alongside with my Longchamp Bag. I can use this for future AVA purchases.

Red Velvet Cake from Missy Bon Bon as Kili Elites got the monthly winner spot in their Trivia Night!

Cute Skirt from Paradise Treats.

Leopard printed skirt from Dress Diaries.

BB Cream with Signed Shot Magazine from Eanvie Philippines.

Tassel Earrings from LAME.

Three New Tights from Romwe.

To them, thank you so much. More power to your business and have a blessed year ahead. Better check them out as well. How about you, what surprises came your way last week?


Valerie said...

Hi Rhea! These are all awesome! :) I'm still waiting for my tights from Romwe. Everything seems to take forever when it comes through our postal service. hehe. xx

RheA said...

Indeed our postal service is soooo slow. This really made me sad. I do hope you will get yours soon.

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