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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Accessories Galore

It has always been noted that accessories can amplify your getup in the event it complements your entire ensemble. No wonder that ladies out there tend to invest on this component because of the magic it brings most especially into your plainest shirt and somewhat boring items. Inserting an accessory or two can really make a big difference. And one store you can resort into for this need would be  Pinkest Blue and Sugar Kissed .

Pinkest Blue and Sugar Kissed are two accessories empire spearheaded by two sisters Christianne and Iris. Both of these ladies are nurses and entrepreneurs. Their accessories are their very own unique creation with a touch of whimsy and beauty. Apart from that, each of their items are actually inspired with a story or two making their items truly creative and imaginative. Their most popular items by far are their yoyo rosette headbands, bib necklaces and their statement necklaces as well.

To give you an idea on how creative their pieces are, let their items through pictures prove such.

Pinkest Blue

Sugar Kissed

Can you just imagine how your clothes will turn out to be in the event you would be getting these? I bet you already have an item or two in mind. With that said, do not hesitate to view the entire collection of Pinkest Blue and Sugar Kissed. You would not want to miss this ladies! What are you waiting for, click on their Facebook pages and start buying their pieces. You would surely not regret it.

P.S A new giveaway shall be announced. Thanks to Pinkest Blue and Sugar Kissed. Keep on your toes to see what you could win from their collection.


Carla Cee said...

wow i want them all :(

RheA said...

Yeah me too Carla, me too.

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