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Monday, April 30, 2012

Brewing News

It is the first day of the weekday and I am pretty sure some are down because it is a Monday. Weekend is far I know yet we can always boost that much needed energy with the aid of coffee. What better way to start the morning than by relaxing with a cup in hand.

Nonetheless allow me to share some brewing news that I know coffee lovers and enthusiasts would love to know. I am pretty excited too. So here goes.

The coffee giant Starbucks is bringing back their Half Price Frappuccino again! From 2pm to 6pm every Monday you will get your favorite Frappuccino at half the price. This promo runs from April 30 to May 28.

Hurray! With this promo I can be able to try Starbucks newest drink such as their Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino Blended Drink. Isn't this enticing and worth buying?

So head to your nearest Starbucks stores later at 2:00. I bet I'll be rushing there too.

Another coffee store favorite of mine Coffeeworks will reopen its Limketkai Branch on May 4, 2012! Better visit them on this day since great prizes shall await their customers. You can in fact get various gift certificates that you can use in store, upsize your drink for free on that day, zipline rides and even an overnight stay for two at Pinegrove Lodge Bukidnon. These are real great treats that you should not miss.

So, better head to Coffeeworks Limketkai on Friday. I know you miss this branch as much as I do. Will be surely dropping by.

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Instagram April 22-28

It is just fun to reminisce the week and look back as to what transpired with those days. Good thing I have Instagram with me to duly take shots on the moments that are worth remembering that no words can ever suffice.

And I would love to share some images with you so you can have a peak of a simple life of a girl down south.

Boyfriend and friends cosplaying as the Avengers

New loot from Spruce

Awesome machine cosplay

Ang init! Kaya palamig

Field where I jog

Korean side dishes! Missing kimchi

Pretty chandeliers

That was one awesome week. Definitely one for the books. Good thing Instagram is there to capture it while my dslr is away. Follow me jurinsthea! Enjoy the remaining hours of the weekend and have a great and fulfilled week everyone.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Height Please

I am not gifted with height. In fact, I barely reach the five feet mark. I already bid goodbye to my dreams namely becoming a pilot, a stewardess or even a beauty queen. It seems that their height ranking is just so much and I can't seem to fit the bill. Seems like my parents missed to feed me milk when I was an infant back then.

At the age of 26, I know my growth hormones are no longer working. However, good thing for ladies we can have varied ways of adding even a few inches to our height. I am not saying having your legs stretch and even drinking more Cherifer. As such here are instant fixes that can readily add inches to your initial height standing.

1. Heels

The most typical fashion fix to boost a lady's height is by wearing heels. No wonder Marilyn Monroe exclaimed “I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot!” And yes, I am thankful for this unique invention. Imagine adding three to five inches to my initial height. That is just WOW. Every shoe store today offers heels regardless if it is high or low. Here are some great examples.

2. Wedges

There are some ladies out there who are not comfortable with heels. These are women who cannot seem to walk on it and might end up in serious disaster. If you are still trying or even testing to walk on heels you may want to use wedges first. Or if you would want to walk comfortably without worrying on every step you take, this can be a good option.

3. Flatforms

A hybrid of platforms and flat shoes, flatforms has been referred to as the shoe of 2011. This can add to a woman's height while having the comfort of wearing flats. You can guarantee that at the end of the day, your feet will not scream of pain. Fashion giants such as Prada and Chanel backed this idea making this a worldwide sensation and a shoe must have in every shoe closet.

This is truly an answered prayer. Hence if you are deprived of height because of milk shortage or genes, these three would be your walking savior. Hence, what are you waiting for. Save up in order to buy your most coveted pair that is not just fashionable but also functional. 

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Drama Anthology

One Wednesday morning, I woke up with a fashion ensemble in mind. Today I would be wearing again my Anthology Seoul wedge. Refer to the picture below for illustration.

As I was tying a strap to secure the wedge in place, snap it broke. All I could say was OMG! I cannot believe this is happening to one fave pair of mine. And the whole fashion ensemble that I have in mind was ruined. Yet, I could not walk without a strap on. What to do, what to do? *insert crying scene here but it did not happen in real life*

I do not want my wedge to be put to waste. Armed with my thick face and the right amount of courage, I sent a message to Anthology on Facebook stating this dilemma. This is one "suntok sa buwan" experience. I am hoping they would be kind enough to replace the strap. 

And voilah they replied! OMG they did. And guess what, they are willing to have my straps replaced. Not just one but two. Plus, they will ship it for FREE. Gaaaahh, that's just beyond awesome! They asked for my shipping address and a picture of the broken strap. Here is what I sent them. 

And the day arrived! My new straps are here. Hurray~ 

The straps came with this cute pouch. I can't thank you enough Anthology. Not only are your shoes amazing and comfortable but also your customer service. No wonder that many are indeed embracing the brand. By the way Anthology have new pairs. Here are some of it.

Hoping and wishing to own another Anthology pair in the near future. As a matter of fact, already saving for it. Thank you again  Anthology!

To view their collection, visit Anthology at these sites:

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

My First Experience

My first experience! Hmmm, are you thinking of something? Your guess is as good as mine. What I am talking about here is not something obscene or malicious of some sort. This is about another online store that I get to bump months ago. And this is Oasap.

I was given a unique privilege to actually experience their site first hand. In fact, they gave me an initial freebie which I can use to shop! Who am I to refuse? The best things in life are free right and this is one good example.

There are many things to love with Oasap. First, they have various choices that spans from apparels, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelries and more. Second, the price tags of these items are affordable. Third, their items are truly fabulous, classy and trendy. I really want to buy all of their dresses but the freebie is just limited. Poor me!

Yet, yet, yet, I was able to find one great dress that is within the bounds of my free credit. Say hello to this!

Ribbon plus crystals = perfect

Checked this out immediately and boy did I never think twice on this purchase. This just screams love and I cannot wait to have this one in my closet. Right after the ordering process, Oasap immediately sent me an email on the status of my order. And when they emailed me that my item was already shipped the least I can do is wait.

And just yesterday, our local post office informed me of this package. I am just excited. Can you blame me?  And guess what? The item is just lovely. It is indeed like the picture above. Fabric wise it is gorgeous. You can really sense that the material is durable and can indeed last for a long time. Here are some outtakes.

Will give justice to this dress by wearing it soon and taking a snapshot of it. I do not have the model's body hence do not expect too much. Look at the dress and only the dress.

Should you want to get this and other great fashion finds, visit Oasap. You can also get in touch with them in their Facebook and Twitter.

My first experience in Oasap is just remarkable!!! As I said this will definitely not be the last. Looking forward to my next purchases. Thank you Oasap!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Giveaway: Caleigh Madison with Etallasa

Another giveaway, hurray! This time, this is sponsored by no less than a favorite online store of mine, Caleigh Madison. In case you miss it, here's a little review about how great the store is and the wide array of collection they have that you can shop and buy. You can read it in profound here.

So before we begin ladies and gents, a little motivation to inspire you to join. One lucky individual could get a pair of shoes of their choice! Isn't that heavenly? Here are some pairs you might add in your shoe closet soon. By the way these are my choices. You can view Caleigh Madison's entire shoe collection here.

So how can you win a pair? Wait for the rafflecopter widget to load and simply follow the instructions.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
So what are you waiting for? Get to work on the widget and start sending your entries. May lady luck be on your side.

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Summer is definitely more fun with NIVEA SUN! My top summer wonder is Manila

When we talk about summer, we normally think of hitting the beach or just be outside the metropolis. We want to cool off from the scorching heat or better yet experience something new with family and friends. However for us back here at home, summer is definitely worth spending in the country's capital. And that is Manila.

View from our hotel - Makati

Last April 13-15, together with my family and my boyfriend we decided to have one epic weekend in Manila. You may think that this is totally irrelevant and even more not summer-ry right? We could have decided to set sail to Boracay and even other great beaches in the country. What the hell is wrong with me when all the people are already embarking to other places outside Manila?

Allow me to express the reasons why?

1. Reunion

You get to maximize your summer vacation when you are with your loved ones. Most of our relatives are currently situated in Manila. These are basically my father's siblings, my mother's siblings, my cousins, my friends and more. Plus the fact that both my parents haven't seen their siblings for years, this notion alone is definitely worth traveling. I need not care about the expenses so as long as they got to see their brothers and sisters again. Such is definitely a tear jerking moment.

Mom's sister and cousins

Dad's Sisters and cousins

2. Events

Manila is totally filled with never ending events. We were lucky that when we were there, there's Ozine Fest! This is one event that geeks and anime fanatics like me should not miss. Varied things can be seen here such as cosplays, toy displays, games, foods, programs and so much more. My heart literally melted with amazement and how Manila can pull this one off for three consecutive days. It was indeed heaven.

Happy me, can't you see?

And what better way to enjoy this than being with your crazy friends who are sadly situated in Manila. Reunited once again~

Great friends and the boyfriend *winks*

3. Shopping

Another heaven that is undeniably Manila is that this is one shopping hub for shopaholics like me. My wallet nearly broke because of too much buying. Plus we roamed around to almost five shopping hubs namely Rockwell (mall-wide sale), SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, Glorrieta and The Fort. Too bad some of these shops can't be found back home hence the no guilt shopping spree. Can you blame me?

Guilty as charged

A happier me :D

4. Food

Manila is not only one shopping haven but definitely one crazy food heaven too. Gahh, regardless if they don't have one native delicacy, they sure have tons of varied delicacies to offer to probinsyanas like me. Most of the money is literally spent on food but who cares, a full tummy is definitely the happiest me. Unfortunately these are not located back home and how I miss these foods already. 

Oh North Park, why are you up north?

Happy us~

5. Quality time

Summer would definitely not be complete regardless of how lavish your accommodations are if you did not share it with your family and loved ones. This is definitely one summer I would not forget since this is the first out of town trip with my family. Plus it was dad's first plane ride! Many firsts and definitely not the last for us.

Ahahaha, celebrity?

The happiest most contented girl on earth, ME :D

Summer is not yet over and hey we still got time to plan out. So how about you, how's your summer so far and where do you plan to have it? For starters, you can perhaps vote for your favorite summer destination in the on going Nivea Philippines 7 Summer Wonders contest on FB

“Join the on-going Nivea Philippines 7 Summer Wonders contest on FB and get a chance to win NIVEA Sun gift packs, Charina Sarte swimwear, SONY products or a trip for 2 to the Ultimate Summer Wonder! Just click to join and vote now!”

Have a great summer everyone~