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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Three Years

Backlogs galore I know. Imagine we celebrated our 3 years last March 6 and yet I blog about it only until now. That is the product of being a teacher and at the same time finishing my graduate degree with papers, compre exams and more.

I owe you a lot I know, hence I'll be updating almost every day for you once again. By the way happy April Fools.

Well, we were still quite busy on our anniversary because of school work and work hence the least we can do is to have one sumptuous dinner for two. We were battling then as to where yet with few alternatives laid considering the minimal number of restaurants in our city, deciding for one is not a chore at all. We opted for something Thai-ish and landed to Siam.

There are many things to love about this great restaurant. For one, their great food of course which is ideal for two and more individuals. Their ambiance which is relatively relaxing and all the more enjoyable. Plus their great customer service. Although the food choices are a bit pricey, I can guarantee that you are getting your money's worth.

So here are some photos and also the foods that we ordered. For the meantime, couple shot.

My apologies I already forget the specific names of these choices. But trust me everything in here is delicious~

More than the place and the food, what matters is that the number of years that my boyfriend and I are together. We may not have the perfect relationship but I know that we are perfect for each other. And I could not ask for more when I am with you.

Cheers to the couples out there who have been together for quite some time. I wish you both happiness and may your relationship lasts.


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