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Monday, April 9, 2012

Be Beach Ready With The Belly

It is indeed summer! I am pretty sure that you and your friends are already planning a getaway or two by heading to the beach outside the city. But, is your body ready as well?

The belly is one common problem not only for men but also for women. Oftentimes, we are bombarded with the fact that we have a big one. And hitting the gym today would be relatively too late to lessen those fat and if not trim it down. Of course with such dilemma, you just can't lock yourself up at home while your friends are having all the fun right? There are many things you can actually do that can make your body beach ready regardless of your belly. Here are some tips.

1. Choose swimwear with dark base. Dark colored swimwear can make a difference and create that smaller body illusion. Black is always suggested in here. However, if you are opting for two toned swimwear, make sure that the bottom part or the fabric that will cover your belly is of dark shade while the upper part lighter. This will make your body flattering while covering it. Here are some swimwear suggestion.

Asy Knots Luxe of I Love Koi

Two Tone V Maillot of I Love Koi

2. Swimwear designs and patterns. With such bodily concern, women with such a problem must be strict in picking the right swimwear designs and patterns. Stripes would be a big no in this instance. If you would want to insert such element, it would be suggested to choose diagonal ones. You can also opt for bold florals and prints that can distract the eye so as not to put emphasis on your belly. It would also be great to look for a type that can hide it such as a one piece bikini and tankini.

Ruffled Maillot of Nudo Swimwear

Sassa Tankini from Zalora

3. Invest on cover-ups. Cover-up is something that most women don't tend to invest. Oftentimes, wearing baggy shirts and old blouse could suffice such role. However, it is but important that should you want to fashionably hide your belly fat, investing on great cover-ups can really make a difference. For instance, you can get maxi dresses, cardigans, kimono tops and chiffon ones. 

Floral Printing Yellow Dress from Oasap

SAINT LUCIA Two Tone Light Blue Asymmetric Maxi Dress from Zoo

With all these tips I guess anyone can totally be beach ready regardless with or without the belly fats. Considering that this occurs once a year, it would be best to seize the season and enjoy it. So head out, stay under the sun, be with your friends and have fun. 


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