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Thursday, April 26, 2012

My First Experience

My first experience! Hmmm, are you thinking of something? Your guess is as good as mine. What I am talking about here is not something obscene or malicious of some sort. This is about another online store that I get to bump months ago. And this is Oasap.

I was given a unique privilege to actually experience their site first hand. In fact, they gave me an initial freebie which I can use to shop! Who am I to refuse? The best things in life are free right and this is one good example.

There are many things to love with Oasap. First, they have various choices that spans from apparels, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelries and more. Second, the price tags of these items are affordable. Third, their items are truly fabulous, classy and trendy. I really want to buy all of their dresses but the freebie is just limited. Poor me!

Yet, yet, yet, I was able to find one great dress that is within the bounds of my free credit. Say hello to this!

Ribbon plus crystals = perfect

Checked this out immediately and boy did I never think twice on this purchase. This just screams love and I cannot wait to have this one in my closet. Right after the ordering process, Oasap immediately sent me an email on the status of my order. And when they emailed me that my item was already shipped the least I can do is wait.

And just yesterday, our local post office informed me of this package. I am just excited. Can you blame me?  And guess what? The item is just lovely. It is indeed like the picture above. Fabric wise it is gorgeous. You can really sense that the material is durable and can indeed last for a long time. Here are some outtakes.

Will give justice to this dress by wearing it soon and taking a snapshot of it. I do not have the model's body hence do not expect too much. Look at the dress and only the dress.

Should you want to get this and other great fashion finds, visit Oasap. You can also get in touch with them in their Facebook and Twitter.

My first experience in Oasap is just remarkable!!! As I said this will definitely not be the last. Looking forward to my next purchases. Thank you Oasap!

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Jen Destura said...

Hi Rhea! How long did it take for your order?

RheA said...

Hi Jen,

Two weeks :)

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