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Friday, April 6, 2012

Fave Samsung Apps

Ever since I own an Android phone a year ago, I can't help myself but download various applications that can maximize my mobile experience be it with a purpose or for pleasure. After all, this is the only handheld device that I get to carry with me wherever because of its use and mobility.

I own a Samsung GT-I9003 although I truly want before their newest model which was the Samsung Galaxy S II. But due to availability, I was not able to get it. But hold your horses since another model would come out this probably this year and it will be their S III that might look like this.

Now that's something! Awesome isn't?

Ok, back on track, here are my five favorite Android application that I have been using for some time.

1. Facebook Application

I love Facebook! And who doesn't? Since I want to be constantly updated in terms of this social media platform, I have this application in my phone to do such a thing. This app has been changing and updating that I already lost count as to how many. Yet this is their newest interface and I must say that this is better as compared with the previous ones. Accessing your news feed to your messages is now a breeze and loading time is by far efficient. The best of all, this application is free.

2. Twitter Application

I just love this 140 character platform. Plus there are many things going on in here. I get to follow my favorite local and international celebrities plus get to communicate with other bloggers and my readers too. And for mobility purposes, having this one on my phone is indeed convenient. It may take a while to load tweets though especially if you have not login for quite some time. And again this application is free.

3. Instagram

This is one good news! Instagram is now available in Android. Since I got to install this, I am so addicted with snapping images be it at home or in the office. I have been waiting for this one for quite some time now and I know this is enjoyed thoroughly by many iPhone users. So I guess, Instagram is no longer exclusive. This is a free application you can now download.

4. Picplz

Before Instagram, Picplz has been my application of choice for snapping photos, editing it and sharing it over the web be it on Facebook or Twitter. What is nice about this application is that it can take in photos of whatever size and resolution unlike Instagram that requires the images to be large. Plus, you need not crop much your photos in here and its image editing is superb. Again another free application you can enjoy.

5. Angry Birds

You surely will never be bored when you have Angry Birds in your Android phone. I have this application since God knows when and my boyfriend and I love it to bits. Too bad I haven't download the new Angry Birds version such as Rio, Space and Seasons. But will surely do if I have time.

Alas, those are my top five favorite Android applications that I do have. I am sure there are still great ones out there. You can opt to go to or to view and download the latest and in demand applications you can duly install. Perhaps you may also want to share your favorite Android applications in the comment section below. I would love to know!


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