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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Instagram April 15-21

There is no denying that I love Instagram. And with my new unlimited mobile Internet from Sun, I cannot help but snap and post. No wonder that my Facebook timeline is loaded with these photos.

As such, allow me to share a few of my Instagram photos for the week. I do hope you like it as much as I do while taking it.

Free Red Velvet Cupcakes from D'Cakes
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Lovely soles from ZENJ.

New chicken hub Chicken Charlie.

New stockings from Leg Love.

Jogging Spot

Boyfriend's new hair :)

Great friends!

Do follow me on Instagram if you have an account. My name is jurinsthea. Do leave your Instagram username in the comment section below and rest assured I'll follow. Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone~


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