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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Instagram April 22-28

It is just fun to reminisce the week and look back as to what transpired with those days. Good thing I have Instagram with me to duly take shots on the moments that are worth remembering that no words can ever suffice.

And I would love to share some images with you so you can have a peak of a simple life of a girl down south.

Boyfriend and friends cosplaying as the Avengers

New loot from Spruce

Awesome machine cosplay

Ang init! Kaya palamig

Field where I jog

Korean side dishes! Missing kimchi

Pretty chandeliers

That was one awesome week. Definitely one for the books. Good thing Instagram is there to capture it while my dslr is away. Follow me jurinsthea! Enjoy the remaining hours of the weekend and have a great and fulfilled week everyone.

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