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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things I Look Forward This Week

The week may be ending yet my excitement is just starting. There are many things I am definitely looking forward this week. And I just want to share it with you my dear readers.

1. Mobile Internet

Applied already to Sun's Unlimited Mobile Internet and I just can't wait to have it activated. Ever since I installed Instagram on my phone and a lot of other applications as well, I just want to be online and share it in an instant. With Sun's 799 plan, I can be able to fully enjoy portable Internet on the go. And did I just say I just can't wait?

2. Manila Trip

My family and my boyfriend are set to be in Manila on Friday and the rest of the weekend. This city has been my fashion haven ever since. Plus we will also be visiting my relatives and my cousins as well which I dearly missed. Who knows I might bump into a reader or two. Do say hi!

3. Ozine Fest 2012

Luckily, Ozine Fest 2012 will be held in the same date as our vacation. Since this will be in SM Megamall it is like hitting two birds with one stone. Plus the anime spirit in me would want to witness this and the key fact that they will have a League of Legend Cosplay is definitely worth the watch. My camera will surely be exhausted.

4. Boyfriend's Birthday

On April 14 is my boyfriend's birthday! Hurray~ And this will be really something since we would be celebrating it in Manila. Time to find gifts.

This week will surely be epic. I do hope your weekend will be great too. Will definitely take tons of pictures to share really soon with everyone. I may be on a blog hiatus then but will update whenever I can.


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