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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ziggy and Zooey Shoes

I absolutely love shoes? And who doesn't? I am always constantly looking for new brands that can fit my shoe demands and budget. And good thing I bumped into Ziggy and Zooey Shoes.

Ziggy and Zooey offers classic shoe styles in a VARIETY of colors that arm your wardrobe with "basics" making you look stylish everyday! However, basic shoes need not be boring at all. Ziggy and Zooey can be able to put that certain class in it. In order to know what I am talking about, here are some of their great shoes collection that I am sure you would love to get for yourself.

Aren't these worth keeping? Do take note these pairs are less than a thousand! With its quality, comfort, beauty and price you can never go wrong with Ziggy and Zooey Shoes.

Should you want to see their entire collection you can visit their Facebook Page, Pinterest Page or shoot them an email at

As early as today, I am hinting that a giveaway would commence in which shoes will be given away! So do check out Ziggy and Zooey and this page for updates.

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Jen said...

beautiful flats!:)
love them.

do visit and follow my blog too.

magz13 said...

I want t win a pair so i can use it when i go to work whole comutting .

chinda said...

Very cute! I would love to win a pair because it looks comfortable and yet very stylish!!!
thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway =)

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