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Monday, June 4, 2012

Instagram May 27 - June 2

Another delayed post so to say. We headed to a cold spring yesterday to bond with the family and the boyfriend and of course using the remaining hours of summer vacation. School officially starts today but good thing I have no school duties as of the moment of posting. So hurray for longer vacay~

So here's what transpired last week taken by no less than the ever reliable and always ready Instagram!

So this is my new name now. Submitted by a student of mine. Dead funny and frustrating at the same time.

Loving my new tights from Romwe

Can you believe I won this gadget? Will blog about it soon

Instagram week would not be complete without him! <3

Trying my boyfriend's new glasses from Firmoo. A Firmoo giveaway will be announced this week.

Food! Can you blame me?

2 more days before you can win a dress, a special gift and $50 worth of freebies. Join here.


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