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Friday, June 1, 2012

Love Some Body

Not long ago, there was once this skinny teen who wanted to somehow add a little pounds to her existing weight. At that point in her life, she weighted a mere 70 pounds. Looking pale and thin, she was often referred to as malnourished, stick man and the like. She is also teased to visit the pre-teens section of any department store rather than the ladies wear because of her size. She can't seem to fit any of the clothing available in there. Since then, she vowed to invest on food in order to gain weight once she will work soon.

Excuse the cheeks but I am 70 pounds here.

A few years back, she got a job in a local university in the city. Overwhelmed with her salary and making her vow into reality, she indeed invested on food. She would have her usual lunch breaks at fast food chains jumping from one store to the next. Every other day, she would visit a nearby convenience store in order to stock up on junk foods and drinks. Office parties and celebrations are her favorite too. From a cup of rice, she can be able to consume two and even more. Then something happened.

That once skinny girl started to grow in some fats. However, those are quite unsightly as it started bulging in her sides and in her stomach. Her once thin chin has now doubled and even tripled. Her once pre-teen physique now matches the ladies section but already sizes bigger. Her carefree body has taken its toll. It even came to a point that she already hated her physique. She would not eat and even munch a little. Half of her closet ensemble do not fit her anymore. If she was once teased as malnourished, she is now referred to as chubby and looks like her mommy (in terms of body size).

Excuse my father at the background. You think we look the same with my mother in terms of size? 

And that girl is me. It really pains to see that your once 22 inches waist has grown to 27. Your curves are now filled with bulges. And lastly, it takes time and a great dose of sacrifice to bring it all back. One major dilemma indeed specially to a teacher like me.

I always wanted to look my best every time I teach. Of course, when you are in front all the time, your physique is something you should worry too apart from the lessons. You must always be close to perfection or else your students would discuss about you instead of the lectures.

Rather than resorting to hard sacrifices and even going under the knife, little did I realize that there are already quick fixes to redeem my figure back in an instant. And that can be solved with the right undergarments. And Wacoal can do just that.

My unsightly bulges will be contained thanks to their New Girdle collection. I cannot believe that this awesome piece can address that excess fats to provide a smooth silhouette. In addition, posture can be greatly improved with this aid making this truly functional and innovative.

Girdles provide instant gratification of losing even just a few inches of any part of the body. As for my case, my tummy to be exact. Imagine getting a 24 instead of my usual 27 when I have this on. Apart from that, little did I know that spine realignment is something girdles are good at. Not to mention the kind of comfort this provides most especially to working women like me perfect for everyday use.

These would surely be my staple to make me feel good and even look good. Wearing this one could drastically increase my confidence level to a gazillion. Aside from that, I can only imagine my boyfriend's expression if he will see my new figure. He would be stunned and surely be in awe.

I am pretty sure that many girls out there also share the same sentiment as mine. However, weep no more as Wacoal delivers the immediate solution. Being God sent is surely an understatement because of the magic this could bring and how it changes the life of any lady out there. Loving your body would surely be easy because Wacoal could come in handy.


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