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Friday, June 29, 2012

Buckles and Chains Should I Complain

Life is indeed one messy concoction of buckles and chains. It is not after all a walk in the park and even more a breeze in the sea. It is something we need to work hard and even to the point of fighting it all out. These buckles and chains would be the ones that will make us still, idle and can pull as down. Relating it to life, these are entities that induces negativity, sadness and idleness. And this is something we must resist.

Looking back at my own sets of buckles and chains I realized that they have honed me as to what I am today. Truth be told, regardless of that negativity and sadness they inflicted, I am a better me because of them. Hence, no room for complaining. In fact I am even thankful.

For the others who have been experiencing such situation, it would be best to step up and navigate your own life. Although people surrounding us can affect us in a bad way, should you know yourself you can be able to find ways to steer clear away from them. Regardless of how many stones they throw at you, you will still emerge graceful. And with that, they would have their respect on you. So for the ladies out there and even the gents, you may have your own chains to drag and buckles to unlock, do not let it pull you down. Draw strength from people who loves you like your family and friends. Do something productive, do what you do best. More importantly, I wish you well on such journey. May this polish you to the gem you are supposed to be.

On a related note, here's what I wore that can relate to buckles and chains on a more literal manner.

Sorry for the hair. The top is a mixture of chains, buckles with flower and greens making it truly ideal to this post. Tops and skirt from Mags Clothing.

Shoes from Anthology and Bag from Forme at 50% OFF

Belt from Forme and Blazer from SM

Wore this ensemble to a wedding of my boyfriend's friend. The theme was green or something like that. It was pretty hard to get such since I don't have one in the first place. Good thing there was this skirt that truly complemented with the top. And what safe way to complete it but inculcating blacks as evident in my shoes and in my bags. The blazer was actually use to cover my legs when I sit. You see, the skirt is kinda short. In times like this, cycling shorts are saviors! Ladies you must really keep one and even more so that when you are wearing such and also your bouncy dresses, at least chances of peek a book would be lessened if not eliminated. 

Should you like my look, a hype would be appreciated!

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MissAprilg said...

I Like ur shoes :)

Em said...

hyped :)

RheA said...

Hi MissAprilg,

Thank you so much. Shoes from Anthology ;)

RheA said...

Hi Em,

Thank you as always :D

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