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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Occasion Dresses To Flatter Your Figure

Summer is a time for big celebrations and getting together with friends and family.But while the sun’s shining and the heat is on, it’s understandable that many of us feel a little confused about what to wear whilst enjoying the warm summer weather.

Occasion dresses at are available in every imaginable cut and colour and finding the one that’s best for your body is not as hard as you’d imagine. Following a few simple style rules will ensure that you’re looking great and feeling confident for all your summer events.


If you’re thinking of wearing a striped dress to your big event, then it’s important that you take your body shape into consideration. If you’re very tall and petite, then vertical stripes will accentuate this, making you appear taller. Choose a dress with horizontal stripes that will give you the appearance of being a little curvier, with less height.

Alternatively, if you are looking for extra height and have a fuller figure, then vertical stripes are a great option for giving you a slim silhouette. Understanding the affect of stripes is a time honoured styling trick that can help you to compliment your figure no matter what your shape.


As with stripes, the length of your occasion dresses can have a big impact on the way you show off your body shape. If you feel that you need more height, choose a dress that’s a bit shorter at the hem. Not only will this help your legs appear shapelier by exposing your calves but it will also help to accentuate your height and appear taller. Make sure that you choose a dress that sits comfortably above your knee but at least two inches below your hips. That way you will feel comfortable and look fabulously chic.

If you get the length of your dress right you can afford to choose either a tighter or looser fit, depending on your preference.


There are hundreds of different patterns to choose from when it comes to occasion dresses. Bolder patters will make a big statement, while delicate patters will create a more subtle look.

If you’re hoping to turn some heads this summer you could try to pick a dress made from a chiffon fabric. As well as being extremely comfortable and cool in summer, chiffon is also extremely elegant and graceful and can be printed with a variety of patterns and colours.

Another great bonus of wearing chiffon is that it suits every body shape. A good rule of thumb: if you’re on the shorter side with a rounder figure, then blocks of colour tend to best. If you’re taller, then go bold with patterns and seasonal prints.


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