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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Biggest Prize Yet

Giveaways? You don't say. I love joining giveaways. Before I even started blogging last year, I have been joining such things left and right. There are moments of victories and otherwise.

However, this has got to be the biggest giveaway prize that I got. Imagine getting your very own graphic tablet from no less than Wacom. And this is made possible by one great blogger TogTech.

One morning, just saw in my news feed someone who entered the Wacom Intuos5 Giveaway. Since the instructions are fairly simple to follow, I hurriedly joined in by completing the four instructions provided. After joining, then I forgot the whole thing.

Few days after, a certain individual messaged me on Facebook on how lucky I was to be getting a Wacom Intuos5. I brushed this message off simply because I do not know who he was and I don't remember joining such giveaway.

However, such message was stuck in my head. Thank God for browser history, I searched for the URL that has Wacom Intuos5 and voila, saw TogTech's new post announcing the lucky winner.

And I saw this:

I was so ecstatic and happy that I literally jump up and down. I cannot believe that I got this one. This is truly unexpected. TogTech informed me that the item would be delivered straight from the United States. Lucky! Imagine getting a $300+ value for free. Now that is something!

Delivery was surprisingly fast. It took just five days to get it here. Allow me to share this wonderful baby. And of course thank you TogTech for having this giveaway in the first place.

Unboxing this.

The contents, the tablet, the pen and the guide plus the wires

The pen and its stand

The graphic tablet

Inside the guide. Installer CD and privileges program.

What is nice with the privileges program is that there are quite a handful of software you can download for free. In fact, I downloaded it all and can't wait to try it real soon.

In line with this, it is not late to join in TogTech's future giveaways. He has the best things and items to offer gadget wise and the like. You can follow TogTech via his official Blog, Facebook and Twitter. Once again thank you TogTech

Speaking of giveaways, today is the last day to send in your entries for my recent Romwe giveaway. You can win a dress, a special gift and $50 worth of freebies. 
Click here to know the details.


Em said...

wow. congratz! :)) I hope to win something that great too!

Istin said...

joined a giveaway with that as a prize.. hope i win too :)

congrats Ms Rhea!

Shishi said...

Congrats Ma'am!!! :D

RheA said...

Thank you so much Em, Istin and Shishi. Hope that you would also win! Best of luck.

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