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Thursday, June 21, 2012

In Love with In Love With Fashion

Last week I finally grabbed the courage to seize one shopping opportunity I know I should not miss. I have been eyeing with one online store for so long. Months to be exact. I just can't resist their collection and their items. This store is something different from the usual I have bumped in the past. And when I say different, there is really something awesome with this one. I am referring to In Love With Fashion.

Weeks ago, an opportunity arises for me to shop.  In Love With Fashion is having their their buy 2 for 40 GBP. What made me jump into grabbing this one is the fact that most of their great items are of the same and greater value. It is like buying one and taking the other dress for free. With such in hand, who could resist such. And my jaw literally drop when the dress I have been wanting to own was moved into this section. Now that is what I call destiny.

I am sure you are excited as to what did I get. I too was excited when I was joyfully adding these into my shopping cart. Allow me to share some pictures since I am still waiting for it to arrive too.

Aren't these lovely? Indeed they are. Gaaahh can't wait to have them and wear them ASAP.

Aside, from that,  In Love With Fashion gave me a 10 GBP discount too. So I ordered this paying only 5 GBP instead of 15.

A total of 95 GBP in value in which I only paid 45 GBP. Huge savings I must say! 

Although their buy 2 for 40 GBP is done. You need not worry.  In Love With Fashion is currently on SALE. Let me stress that out again, on SALE. They are slashing as much as 50% off their items. 

I tell you do not miss this chance! This won't go long. Plus you can also save on shipping since it is FREE. Shop In Love With Fashion now and you will surely be in love, literally!

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MissAprilg said...

Wow! I really like the black floral dress :)
It's so lovely!

RheA said...

Indeed it is, better grab yours for less ;)

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