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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

See the Sea

Summer~ How I miss the beach, the sun and the sand. Can't wait to see you again soon. I already mentioned in my previous entry that along with my friends we head to the beach over the weekend. Should you miss it which you should not, better click here.

So allow me to show you what I wore on our last day. Technically, this is after all the swim and the fun with the water and the waves. In our city, we are still technically conservative hence you would rarely see people in their two piece bikinis. So should you decide to swim, simply get a pair of good shorts and a top and you are good to go.

I am technically ecstatic with this post since I will be introducing my new clothing line "Etallasa". I know this is sort of a no brainer name since it is already my blog name but let's hold on to that. I do not want you to get confuse by introducing other names. And besides my blog is my clothing line and my clothing line is my blog.

Enough of the talk, here is what I wore.

I love mirror images

So this is the top under my clothing line Etallasa. You will be the first one to know about my entire collection soon. Please support it.

And of course, Havs~

Liked the simple look? If yes do not forget to hype it here.

1 more day before you can win a dress, a special gift and $50 worth of freebies. Join here.


Em said...

hyped :))

Shishi said...

You'll be having a clothing line Ma'am? Wow! :)))

RheA said...

Yup yup pretty soon~ Do hope you will like the first collection as much as I do.

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