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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Great Belina

If you read the title, perhaps you might be wondering who Belina is. On the other hand, am I referring to a person or not. Is she for real or fantasy? Ok enough of the confusion. Let me introduce to you Belina.

So what is Belina then. Here's a short introduction as to how Belina came to be.

Lifelong Bff’s Katiria Delgado and Evelyn Bernal have channeled their fondness for fashion and obsession with bargains into their very own unique concept in fashion jewelry retail, BELINA.  Forget about hassling through department stores in search of that not-so perfect piece for that not- so perfect price. BELINA introduces our edgy yet sophisticated jewelry collection offering the newest and latest in rings, bangles, necklaces, earrings and more.  Whether your style is bohemian, classic, casual, or business, BELINA is here to accommodate your every day jewelry needs.  Belina’s founders understand hectic schedules firsthand and have designed this boutique to make your shopping effortless in the push of a button!  Discover affordable high quality fashion jewelry in a simpler way.  What are better style tips than the kind passed from girl to girl? When it comes to fashion, BELINA’S goal is to help you always be one step ahead!

Providing a wide array of jewelry collection from earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces, Belina is one jewelry shop you should check out. Not only are their pieces great and timeless but also relatively affordable. In order to get a glimpse of their collection, here are a few of their items.

These are definitely exquisite and divine! Their jewelries are typically made up of Swarovski crystals. Yet as what I stated, prices are definitely affordable. It won't hurt your wallet at all. And did I mention they provide FREE SHIPPING on all orders?

In order to see the rest of their collection and to learn just how much these items are, head to their main site, Shop Belina. You can also connect with them to get updates and related giveaways via Facebook and Twitter. So better add them up because I heard they will be releasing new items next week and a bunch of other updates soon. You would not want to miss it.


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