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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Having that Perfect Legs

Are you afraid to wear shorts or skirts because you are not that confident with your legs? Are you trying your best to achieve that model like legs for years but to no avail? I too have the same dilemma before. Hence, let me reveal the things I normally do in order to achieve "close to perfect" legs.

1. My longest battle would have to be leg hairs. I am not blessed with a hair free pair of legs. No wonder before, I bought Sally Hansen Hair Removal. I tried every possible removal that they had but after some time, its effectiveness declined. Hence, resorted to shaving. I know that some girls are doing this but the downside of it, hair grows thicker and darker. Then I encountered hair waxing in a local salon in the city. I so love this method since hair tends to grow after how many days or weeks unlike shaving. Plus as the hair grows back it becomes finer and lighter. This can be a good long term procedure in eventually eliminating hair legs. Yet, you need to have a high tolerance of pain as hairs are forced out of your skin. But you will eventually get used to it. Should you have the money and the means, laser hair removal would be suggested. However, that is still a far fetched dream for me. So tiis ganda muna sa waxing.

2. Leg Make-up. Dark spots, bruises, discoloration and more are a typical concern when it comes to the legs. Even if I have a few, I always want to walk out the house with a nice pair of legs. So what to do? Apply make-up. Good thing there are already a number of leg make-up product in the market. The first one that I had tried before is from Ever Bilena. It is their Pro Leg Make-up. This has got to be the best one I tried because of its great leg coverage. However, this is no longer available in the market. BOO!

The next one that I tested was the Nichido Leg Make-up. This too is great however it is quite greasy on my end and it is quite thick. No wonder that my first bottle is not used up yet.

And now, what I am using on my legs is my old Missha BB Cream. I know that is not the right way to apply this one yet I am putting such in areas that I would want to cover. You can also put concealers and cake foundations too. 

3. Exfoliate. If you are into leg shaving, waxing and the like it is best to exfoliate your legs before the procedure. This is in order to remove dead skin cells that might accumulate in the process. This is also to steer clear from ingrown hairs. Hence, get a loofah and rub it gently all over. 

Even if you are doing the three, without the confidence, you will never ever wear shorts and skirts. Worst, you will be wearing one but constantly hiding all the time. So flaunt that legs regardless if it is not even close to perfect. Confidence is key ladies.

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