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Friday, July 13, 2012

Next Time

There are some questions when we would typically answer, next time. Like when will you do this and that? At times we just respond with a next time. However the question remains, when would that next time be? Is it tomorrow, next week, next month or next year? What if there would be no more next time. What if today is your last and you can’t do it anymore.

My boyfriend told me every second is a next time. That only means that should you decide to preempt a moment and wait for that next time, you can do so in the next second or two. But why even wait when you can act on that next time today. I too have delayed things because I once believe that a next time would always occur. Little did I realize, that such time never came and I ended up with regrets and disappointments. It is true, you only live once so why bother saying next time. And that became my mantra.

So never cease my boyfriend and I to celebrate our monthsary. Corny as it may seem I know but celebrating such moments every month is just great. Why wait for an anniversary that comes only once a year when you can celebrate it for 12 months and more so everyday. I guess that's our relationship secret why until now we are still together. We just celebrated our 40th month and we both can't believe how long we have been together. 

So allow me to share a little bit of my happiness in my blog which I cannot contain anymore in my heart. Please bear with the food pictures especially those who are hungry. We just love food.

Boyfie gave me this cute League of Legends cake. This was totally unexpected. Thank you

See how happy I am. Forgive my haggard look just got out from work.

Ordered famish! It is a mix of onion rings, baby back ribs, buffalo wings and breaded pork

The boyfriend. Love you always

It was a great way to celebrate our 40 months of being together. Indeed every second is a next time. I do hope you would think about this one too. Let next time be not a far fetched time but instead immediate and short.

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