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Sunday, July 29, 2012


A new Cagayan de Oro based e-magazine is brewing in town. I must say, I am beyond proud as a fellow Kagay-anon looking at their great and awesome maiden issue output. Cheers to each of the individual involved in here especially to my friends. I am referring to CGY.

"CGY (Collective Group for the Youth) is a homegrown online publication spawned by a group of dedicated young Kagay-anons with the hopes to brandish the beautiful things their city has to offer. It serves as a virtual menagerie for Cagayan de Oro’s budding talents, artists, musicians as well as for all types of creative ventures in business or otherwise. A bi-monthly compilation of the city’s most relevant events and personalities, CGY aims to renew the Kagay-anon’s appreciation for its own brand of art and culture. It is a movement that seeks to breathe life into the city’s rustic charms, a celebration of its people, places and bounty."

Their maiden issue has Ms. Stephanie Sol in the cover. Even more you would be delighted with the content as it features other successful Kagay-anons and rising ones too.

To read the entirety of CGY e-magaine, you can click
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