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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Instagram July 1 - July 7

The first week of July has passed by so quickly. Tomorrow is Monday again, BOO! Oh gotta love Monday. I promise I will welcome Mondays with open arms. Alas, here is another round of what transpired last week through Instagram. See, I am becoming more active again with this app or not.

Ki Mura

Celebrated our 40th monthsary with this. The name is Famish

Finally got my Miss Glittery from SIN and skirt from Romwe

More from Romwe

Finall from Inlovewithfashion

Pink scarf dress and bangle from Belikeastar

There you have it! I was a frequent visitor last week at our local post office. By the way it is just sad to know how we neglect post offices nowadays. Our city's post office is one. After the fire, the employees are basically not relocated to a better area. The area is small, dark and hot. And the employees have to endure it for eight hours a day. I do hope they would be relocated soon to a better office and air conditioned ones. I really salute their job's dedication and their efforts.

On another note, it is sad to know how we don't write letters that much and send it via post mail. I can still remember the days where I collected stationary and wrote letters. As such, those are more personal and more meaningful as compared to today's email and instant messaging. After all, you would really be writing it by hand and ensuring that there would be no mistakes or else you will have to repeat it. Gone were the days where we are excited to see a mailman to our house. Today, a mailman would come to give card statements and other useless papers full of ads. Can't we revive this thing of the past?

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Danica said...

I love the bangle! ♥

Mish Rendon said...

People from our post office are so great! They bring my packages straight to our house. :)

XO, Mish
PS, Win Rire GCs International Giveaway on my blog!

RheA said...

Hi Danica,

Thank you thank you. Indeed the bangle is love :)

RheA said...

Hi Mish,

wow great people you have in there. wish I have mine as well.

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