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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Giveaway: Beauty Kits with Etallasa

Because of my love for my dear readers of this humble blog of mine, I am bringing one big giveaway today. If you have been an avid giveaway joiner, my giveaways before are focused on a single item or product. But today, it will be an amalgam of many things that my generous sponsors provide. Apart from that, there would be FIVE winners each getting a loot. So hurray!

Before anything else, this beauty kit giveaway is sponsored by Nanny Rose, ELF, Hiruscar, Hodge Podge and DTC Mobile. Do check out my reviews by clicking on the links above.

In order to motivate you to join, allow me to share the great prizes.

The first and second winners will each get:

The loot includes:

Nanny Rose Beauty Essentials (Eco bag, Lip balm, After Wax Salve, Hand and Elbow Salve and Natural Wax)

ELF Cosmetic Bag with Eye shadow, Eye liner and Eye liner brush

Hiruscar bag with its Hiruscar sample

DTC Micro SD

Hodge Podge Treat

The third winner will get:

Hiruscar bag with its Hiruscar sample

DTC Micro SD

Hodge Podge Treat

Finally, the fourth and fifth winners will get: 

Hiruscar bag with its Hiruscar sample

DTC Micro SD

The mechanic is quite lengthy because of the number of sponsors however I guarantee you that it is definitely worth doing. Send in your entries via the Rafflecopter widget below. 
There you have it! Do take note that this giveaway is for Philippine based readers only. As for my international readers, do not fret since there is a giveaway for you as well really soon. Watch out for it. Good luck everyone and keep your entries coming for better chances of winning.

Do not forget to join my $100 Sheinside Giveaway (Open Internationally)!


FranzzeG said...




RheA said...

Hi FranzzeG,

thanks for joining and it inspires me to know you love this giveaway! more entries eh? good luck

Margie Ruiz Carpena said...

Can i join if i dont have look book account its the only entry i cant do

henley said...

hope to win!

mhed aclan said...

joined! hope to win :)

Best Business Brands said...

I love Flash Giveaways!

Vanie Torio said...

hope to win! i'm using and loving nanny rose cosmetics =)

justinoe said...

hope to win

Sie Cajilig said...

Hope to win! I need a new Micro SD Card! X3

Lhyn said...

hoping to win this time :)

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