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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Leopard Steward

It's been a while since I posted a new look. Blame it on the lack of cameraman/woman to take in my photos and work of course. Good thing there are a few friends who would always extend a hand literally in taking my outfit shots. So kodus to my good friends Joy and Tracy for the photos you are about to see.

Speaking of friends, they are indeed treasures. More than your family and your special someone of course, they are the people who will make you sane and insane. I am glad I have made quite a few in the past years. And surely they are keepers. They may not be plenty in terms of numbers but I am certain that in times of need, they are the ones I can turn to for help. It is no wonder that I treasure their friendship more than ever. And thinking about them made me thankful each day since they are real life angels. Indeed life's journey is made easier having those people you call as friends.

Allow me to share a note written by a good friend of mine, Tracy:

"Life is meant to be shared, not just to one person but to everybody. That is why friends exist to take part of our journey.

The road of life is long and winding. The trip even promises us it won’t be just all fun but rather it would be exhausting.

But that’s life. We learn lots of things as we go along with it. We meet and lose people along the way, but we will never be alone that’s a promise it would surely claim."

If you are currently reading this, why not message a friend or two and say how thankful you are for having them. I am pretty sure your dear friend would love the gesture.

Let me go back to the pictures that were taken by my two good friends. This was after the ballot counting of our graduate school election. I really find this ensemble cute and days before these images were taken, my gold bag from Romwe came.

Coast is clear say cheese

Shy-shy pose 'daw'

Top from Cache Cache

Belt from from Cache Cache | Leopard skirt from Romwe

Gold Bag from Romwe

Shoes from Anthology

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Mish Rendon said...

Love that skirt! <3

XO, Mish

Aviva said...

That's a lovely, lovely skirt!

Jen Cruz said...

Love the bag & skirt! Xo, :)

RheA said...

Thank you so much everyone!

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