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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Instagram June 24 - June 30

"Moments are best captured, great moments are best treasured" - Rhea

Work has caught up with me again but I am not complaining. At the end of the day, I am still thankful that I have a job and earning decently. It is nice to know that I have accomplished so many things in a day and such makes me fulfilled and happy. Tiring as it may seem but hey, that's a good sign right?

Another week has transpired and it is already July! My oh my, second half of the year baby. Time indeed flew so fast. But you can always keep track of it all if you have documented it using your camera and your phone. As for my case, I got my phone with me everyday making the capturing all the more easier. So allow me to share those moments with you my lovely readers.

New shoes, perhaps the most comfortable pair ever.

Saw my thesis back. Oh college memories.

My office mate gave me this ;)

Gold bag from Romwe

Romwe Leopard sunnies

How I miss my Anthology wedge

My favorite Gyudon

First year CS General Assembly - my students

My friend's gecko lizard

I hope you will have a great week ahead of you and a blessed one too. Let us welcome July with glee and full of smiles. Do not forget to follow me on Instagram jurinsthea.

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