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Monday, July 23, 2012

Instagram July 15 - July 21

Another great week, huzzah! So how was it? I am thankful and overwhelmed with the number of entries in my Beauty Kits Giveaway. I can't believe there are already 1000+ entries already. Thank you everyone. You are the best!

So I managed to take only one picture last week. Boo again. But wait, there's a story behind it.

I have been eyeing on having a DAS pair months ago. Ever since I randomly bumped in their Facebook site I really affirmed myself that I would be getting one real soon. And guess what, I just did last week.

DAS provides the best and most unique shoes in the market. No wonder many are keen in getting their pairs because it is both great and lovely. With their tagline "these shoes can kill", I can only nod in agreement. Their ready made shoes of this type only comes in blue, red, purple and pink. Good thing they can customize the shoes. And that is a great plus! Ordered right away this pair and they informed me that it would be ready two to three weeks from now.

But to my surprise, this pair was delivered three days after I deposited my payment. DAS owner told me that she had my pair rushed. Now that is quality service. I am ever thankful for this great pair and also to them for realizing a wish of mine. Can't wait to get more. Here are some pairs I have been eyeing to own as well.

Now you really can't blame me as to why I would want these. Indeed they are just great and oh my! View their entire collection on their Facebook Account today! You would not want to miss it! Have a great week everyone!

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