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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Soles For My Soul

Weeks ago, my MBA classmates and I flew to Manila to enjoy a weekend of price comparisons and of course shopping. It was one epic weekend that landed us to 168, Divisoria, Greenhills, Eastwood and ADMU.

I have been saving my money to buy shoes and more. On the last day of our Manila trip, while most of my friends are going to MOA simply because it is quite near the airport, I detoured the other way around and went to Trinoma. For one, I am about to redeem my Geleia winning too which includes a bottle of Purr from Katy Perry Fragrances PH and a 10% off on my purchase. Plus some of my favorite shoe stores are there hence I need not think twice, called a taxi and headed straight to Trinoma.

The story telling and all that has transpired will be shoved away on this post. I am more excited to share to you the new soles I got from this lovely trip. Trust me I never regretted spending a dime on these new babies.

Surely these are the shoe brands I would be coveting back again and hoping to get another pair on April. So as early as now, I am saving again and looking for prospect shoes hoping it would still be made available. 

Shoes shopping can be tiring. However, after getting these babies for sure they are worth the fitting, the time and the money. And for someone like me far from Manila, they are so worth the travel. How about you? Got a new pair to share?


Andrea C. said...

ooh and also check out my newly bought shoes too! :)

Wonder Woman said...

LOVE THEM! Especially the Michael Antonios :)

Speaking of which, please join my giveaway for FREE SHOES, if you haven't yet:

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