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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In Love With You


you were someone i never expected
to come into my life and had mended
my once unchartered principle of brick
you simply washed it like a clock's tick

now my defenses are gone and down
you showed me that i need not frown
for someone like you would be beside 
setting all my fears and problems aside

with you everyday is like warm paradise
that simply thrilled me like an add on spice
your lips and kisses are just but soft and tender
that no other man or person can truly render

now as a month had passed away and gone
but the intensity of love we have will never begone
as we continue on another day, month or year
i hope to stay in love which would not surely disappear

i know phrasing i love you is a mere understatement
because the feeling i have for you is true and frequent
my heart, my love, my life, my future and my dream
you are now my everything like a seamless unending stream.


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