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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fair and Square

It has come to my attention by a concerned reader of mine that some people here tend to create new accounts, fake accounts, aliases and the like to join not only my giveaways but also other giveaways of other bloggers. This is to increase their chances of winning and more so grab the prize or should I say collect the prize. Indeed people won using this kind of dirty tactics.

Getting items from giveaways is indeed one happy thing. I too am a sucker of giveaways myself and being a winner is indeed like a euphoria. I do have my moments of winning and my shares of losing. However, creating multiple accounts so as to increase your chances above all else is a whole new different ball game.

I have seen such kind of people before wherein they entered their information twice and even more in my giveaways that were run in Google Docs. In those cases, I deleted the multiple entries. With Rafflecopter, such chances is now being toned down however the possibility of creating different accounts is not yet address.

We are adults here. If not, we already know what is right and what is wrong. Let us be fair and square with these giveaways by being honest and true. Let lady luck and divine intervention decide on who should be the winner without you trying to manipulate it. Bottom line is, let us be honest and give the others a fair chance too.


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