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Friday, February 3, 2012

First Dates: Doing It Right

First dates are events that can start a budding romance. It can even mean having that intimate relationship with someone. Thus, careful planning and preparation must be done in order to achieve such aspiration and make that fantasy a realization. The truth on how to plan a date resides in these core methodologies. These are just simple suggestions on making a specific first date of yours a date to remember.

1. Know your date. It is important to have a little background on who you would be meeting. A portion of his/her current life would be a great way to start, but if you can get your date’s interests it would be even better. From here, you can gauge on the conversation topics that you can open up and you can maximize such to know your date better.

2. Be extraordinary. First dates are not always a romantic candlelight dinner in an expensive restaurant nor a romantic movie. If you want the date to be remembered as “great” then you have to think outside the usual norms and the usual routine. Try to explore a different depth in accordance to what your date might like. For instance, if your date is fond of sports, then why not try the sport itself. For sure, both of you will have a blast and you get to know a new thing or two.

3. Prepare yourself. By saying such, it is not always checking your looks or your clothes. It is by having an alternative plan if the one you had in mind will fail. In the course of the first date, for sure there would be misses as small as a spilled drink or as disastrous as a weather disturbance. It would be very impolite to cut off a date in an instant. So try having another preparation that can brighten up the mood of your date and perhaps provide a better arrangement.

These are just simple procedures that everyone can follow. By doing the basics, you can go a long way and not simply end the meeting in a first. Who knows, there might be succeeding encounters after that great date.


more info on approaching women said...

Of course, there is always the old standby - take her to a movie. Just like a concert, a movie will give you something to talk about later on. Maybe you can sneak your arm around her during the action scenes!

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