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Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Little Help

It is the second day of February and love truly screams this month. As such, my boyfriend and I decided to join this amazing contest from Watsons Philippines. Considering that the prize is an Old Spice Gift Pack which my boyfriend loves, I can't help but try in our luck. Here's our entry.

"We are each other's puzzles. He filled my life with his presence, his time, his love. We complemented in ways unimaginable. We finish each other's sentences. He knows me more than I know myself. He was once the puzzle that I missed. And now he completed my life making it happier and brighter. Cheesy as it may sound, I love him for being who he is. And no doubt he will be forever my Valentine."

It is a mosaic that I made this morning that contains our images from old ones to the newer ones and collate it altogether to create this. The notion is that, we have many pictures together and I can't seem to disregard those images that are now good memories of us together. So why not include it as well by simply having this. I do hope it is creative enough. We have been brainstorming on pictures to create and upload. I do hope this fits the bill.

With that said, I am asking for your generous time to please like this photo HERE. If it is not too much to ask as well to please share this entry as well to your friends. You can surely make our Valentine more special. My advance thank you~


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