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Monday, February 13, 2012


Exactly a week ago, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 35 months of being together. One more month and it would be our 3rd anniversary. Hurray!

What was nice about that day is that we were both free. No work for me in school and he has no class. Plus, there was a new attraction in town which was the Dinosaurs Alive. So we opted to see it for ourselves and experience a forest themed exhibit alongside with these big creatures. It feels like it was the Land Before Time Movie.

Pictures coming up and I mean pictureessss...

Overall, the exhibit was fun. Although there were only a handful of dinosaurs, we were utterly impressed with the effects, the movement, the sound and the setup. It was good!

Of course, right after that great yet short adventure, it is about time to feed ourselves. We headed to our favorite Japanese restaurant since I am craving for Gyudon.

Indeed one fun way of celebrating 35 months of being together. I cannot believe how time passed by so quickly. It seems when you are indeed having a good time with your special someone, time would just be breezing away.

We are both excited for Valentine's Day! We have plans already but we would surely be avoiding restaurants and the like tomorrow. So how would you be spending Vday? I so would love to know. Comment below.


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