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Monday, February 6, 2012

Gifts and Hauls

The first week of February is filled with gifts and surprises. Not to mention, some shopping hauls and the like. Here are some great items I received and bought last week. Allow me to thank as well the individuals behind it.
VS Body Wash from my boyfie's mom :)

Tassel Necklace and Connector Ring from Teal & Sage

Breezy Coverup from Paradise Treats

EOS and Gift Certificates from French Macaroons 

Orange Cape Dress from The Closet Goddess

Gold Dress and Collared Top from WAGW

And above all,
5 years of teaching service in XU

The first week of February has been kind with so many blessings and unexpected gifts. Thank you so much to the people behind it. Second week of the month is here, hence seize every single waking day. May you have a fruitful week and a great month ahead. Stay happy everyone~


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