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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Instagram so Far

Long time no post again. Yeah I know, I know. And I bet you already know the reason why so I need not elaborate much. And I have tons of delays too with regards to my Instagram post. So allow me to bombard you again with a little glimpse of my life so far with the help of my Instagram account jurinsthea. Do add me if you have one. Deal?

Done reading all three books actually.

Cheese something soup at Bigbys

Fish something from Bigbys

Xavier U's Cheerdance Competition 2012

My boyfriend's monthsary gift <3

Tastiest and yummiest Macarons from Bourbon 

Teka Maki from Ramen Tei

Curry from Ramen Tei still

Papers to sign, lots and lots of them

There you have it. I realized that I miss blogging so much. Oh well, will compensate should I have the time. Have a great week everyone and I'm missing all of you.


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