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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The DTC GQTV1 EGO – A Phone Within Reach

Everyone’s looking for the most affordable phone with the most features money can buy. If smartphones are not your type, you can always go for the DTC EGO.

The DTC Ego is a different model from the DTC Stark and DTC GE1. Unlike the first two, the DTC EGO is a QWERTY phone, priced higher than the other models but still within an affordable range.


The DTC EGO comes in a quaint purple box that’s like 6 to 7 inches in length and width. It comes with the following contents:
- The DTC EGO unit
- Wall charger
- USB cable
- Earphones
- 2 pieces of keypad covers
- Warranty cards
- Manual

What’s noticeable in the contents are the keypad covers. Basically, the keypad cover of the phone is interchangeable. The default cover is silver, and the two other covers are red and black. Other units will come with different colours like pink and purple.

The features

As showcased in the box, here are the features of the phone:
- Dual SIM (850/900 and 1800/1900 band)
- 2.2″ colour display
- TV phone
- FM radio
- Music player
- Video player
- 1.3 Megapixel camera
- Internet
- Bluetooth
- QWERTY keypad
- Email
- Messenger
- Games
- Changeable keypad covers
- Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook, Twitter
- Micro SD support up to 4GB

The design and feel

There’s nothing new about the size and design of the phone. It’s basically similar to other QWERTY handsets from other brands. Don’t be mislead by the directional pad. It looks like a trackball, but it isn’t.

The rounded shape of the phone does not feel awkward at all. In fact, the phone is easy on the grip, although the texture can be slippery. The 2”2 screen is a bit small for my taste, but the UI interface is satisfactory. The text and icons are visible on the screen, and the display is just average.
The keys are responsive and even though they are small, it doesn’t feel awkward when you’re typing, unlike other QWERTY phones. The only pet peeve I have with the phone is that it makes a lot of TICKETY TACK sound when you use the keypad. Quite frankly, I prefer physical QWERTY over TOUCH QWERTY any day, and the DTC EGO is a good way to get yourself started with any QWERTY phone.

The volume of the phone is more than satisfactory. Audio quality from the earphones is average, so if you’re particular about how your music should sound, you may end up disappointed.

The TV

With the 2”2 screen, you can watch the TV application that’s installed on the DTC EGO. Reception and sound quality is dependent on the signal the antenna is getting, so if you’re in the rural areas, don’t expect too much.


Priced at Php 2,888, the DTC EGO is a good buy if you’re looking for a multi-functional phone.


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