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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oh My Baby

If you followed me on Instagram (jurinsthea) you may have noticed days ago that my mom and I went shopping for baby stuffs. As much as possible we want to be prepared most especially that my mom is due on October. With that said, I was ecstatic to accompany her to buy those items. Man I am just so excited.

A little background on my mom's pregnancy. First would be the age difference of the baby and mine would be 27 years old and my younger brother 19 years old. I am pretty sure we would be pampering and spoiling that kid to bits. And second it is a boy. I was hoping for a girl though but nonetheless we are grateful for another man in the house. At least I am the only princess.

More than anything, what the family is concerned about would be a safe delivery for my mother. This would be totally different because of my mom's age. And she might be undergoing a Cesarean delivery which my mom is quite terrified to know. Good thing the baby, according to my mom, behaves so well inside her. He is one kind soul and we can't wait to embrace him soon.

Here are some of the items we got. Although I know that it is still not enough. We need to buy cribs, strollers, more clothes, toys and more baby items for him. Whatever we miss, do state it in the comment section below.

I am not sure if we are halfway there or not but at least we got the essentials covered. This only means that we are just so excited to have a new addition to the family. So to our baby boy, come quick and don't give mama a hard time.

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Mish Rendon said...

I swear by those Avent bottles. They're very sturdy. :) Anyway, I hope your mom will have a safe delivery.

XO, Mish

RheA said...

Thank you so much Mish. yeah we are praying for that too.

Shiela Mae Fernandez said...

Hoping for a fast and safe delivery to your mom Ma'am Rhe..:)

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